My Heart’s Playlist

Everly is a high school senior. She’s spent all of high school surrounded by her 3 male best friends and making music. She’s starting to realize that she’s falling in love with her best friend Nick who has always been her cheerleader regarding her music. The problem is that Nick violates her trust in regards to the privacy of her music and he’s a heartbreaker with the tendency to ghost girls. Everly is certain if she confesses her feelings to Nick he’ll drift away from her. In the meantime, Everly feels displaced from her best friends and finds herself among a different group of seniors. One of them a past crush, Greer. She’s feeling conflicted over her feelings for Greer (is he her friend or potentially more?) One thing is certain, nothing is quite what it seems.

Meet L.J. Held

L.J. Held is a full-time 911 Dispatcher in Central MN, but let’s be honest writing is much more fun. She lives with her daughter, 2 sons. her (self-proclaimed) hilarious husband, and 2 obnoxious cats. She’s and avid reader of all genres and enjoys writing YA Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance, and Romantic Suspense.

Passion In Paradise: A Sweet Island Romance (Fresca La Vida Book 1)

Running away from her abusive boyfriend, Francesca finds herself on an island called Fresca La Vida.

The pristine blue water and the fine white sand tempt her to stay and start a new life, away from her toxic ex-boyfriend, away from her painful life, away from everything.

To start over, she finds a job but, for some reason, finds herself in the arms of her boss, Azrael.

Azrael, a handsome, mature, and serious man, is just like her, escaping the pain of his past.

As the two spend time with each other, will they be able to find comfort and love in each other’s arms?

Or will it just cause them another wave of pain and mistakes?

Meet Larissa Fields

Larissa Fields is a 30-year-old full-time veterinarian based in Florida. She lives with her long-time boyfriend, who also works as her editor and the father of her three adorable cats. She enjoys traveling, going to the gym, reading, and playing with her cats all night long. She is also a love guru to her friends. She grew up in a broken family, and the desire of getting love and having a complete and happy family drew her to write romance novels where she could depict her dreams and imaginations in mind.

Bathe Me


If a lie feels like the truth, yearns to be the truth – can it become the truth?

Orphaned and destitute on the streets of Idi Amin’s Kampala, a National Geographic dream is born. Joseph and Maya forge a new family to escape the horrors of bloody dictatorial rule and enslavement in Uganda, only to replace it with a more insidious oppression in Boulder Colorado. Their dreams shattered, Joseph must save his sister, his love, from their family.
A journey of love, pride and childhood resourcefulness, as the power of two children’s dream deflects the grotesque abuses from those who would protect them.