Cross Me Off Your List

**This book is being rewritten in alternating POV and will be re-released in late 2021. New scenes will be added and minor changes will be made to this book. For now, I’m leaving it published for anyone who’d prefer to read it in its current state.**

Spring break in Los Angeles with her BFFs has been Marisol’s driving force to get through her senior year. But when a falling out dents her plans, Marisol tucks the broken friendship into her back pocket with her cell phone and spring break bucket list.

Surf city Crescent Cove isn’t exactly LA, but once she meets a tattooed brunette named Noah in the hotel elevator, Marisol really doesn’t mind crossing off the items on her list without her friends – especially after Noah offers to help. Unaware that Noah fits the criteria for item #3 (meet a celebrity), Marisol is instantly thrown into the world of paparazzi, wild nights, and a spring break she’ll never forget.

While her friends are making memories in LA, Marisol is making tabloid headlines. But after slipping a Spaceships Around Saturn secret to the media, Marisol has to fight hard to survive her fifteen minutes of fame and get back on Noah’s good side before he crosses her off of his list for good.

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Intent: The Beginning


A Small Town Secrets Novel Standalone Series – (Book #4)

Exclusive Edition: Over 60 pages of deleted scenes!

This is the exciting prequel to INTENT and follows high school student Raylee who is forming new friendships and enjoying her small town life but is frequently plagued by Crystal, the high school’s queen bee, and her clique.

Raylee just wants to get through the last two years of high school. But it’s not easy when you’re an outsider. Or when the most popular girl in school’s goal is to make your life miserable. Or when someone starts to stalk you. . .

When classmate Paul befriends Raylee, she is determined to ignore Crystal’s ploys. And when new student Billy arrives, Raylee finds herself drawn to his mysterious side. But Crystal is determined too, and she will do whatever it takes to keep him from Raylee and to ensure that the rest of Raylee’s high school years remain angst-ridden.

Soon someone lurks in the shadows, watching Raylee, leaving scary clues, someone who wants to set her on edge. But why? Is it Crystal and her clique, or worse, someone she trusts?

Full of deception and mind games amid a growing sense that danger is near, Intent: The Beginning will take you into a world where faith is tested, friendships are put at risk, and small town secrets are revealed in this suspense-filled dramatic mystery.

Intent: The Beginning is a clean YA mystery thriller filled with teen angst, romance, and betrayal.

All books in the Small Town Secrets series are clean YA and can be read in any order.
What No One Knew
Cassi Is In A Coma
Intent: The Beginning

From the Sky


She was an ordinary girl with an extraordinary secret, but it wasn’t that her boyfriend was an alien. An interdimensional being that’s stranded on earth learns what it means to give up everything for one human.
From the Sky weaves first love into an edge-of-your-seat mystery populated by fallible humans and otherworldly beings that question the inevitability of aliens among us.
Finalist in the Book Excellence Award!
Mills Press science fiction second-place award.

Bathe Me


If a lie feels like the truth, yearns to be the truth – can it become the truth?

Orphaned and destitute on the streets of Idi Amin’s Kampala, a National Geographic dream is born. Joseph and Maya forge a new family to escape the horrors of bloody dictatorial rule and enslavement in Uganda, only to replace it with a more insidious oppression in Boulder Colorado. Their dreams shattered, Joseph must save his sister, his love, from their family.
A journey of love, pride and childhood resourcefulness, as the power of two children’s dream deflects the grotesque abuses from those who would protect them.

A Divided Heart Between Desire and Commitment: A Dramatic Romance


A Divided Heart Between Desire and Commitment is a  dramatic romance of college sweethearts torn apart, second chance relationships, the unfolding of destiny, and the emotional journey of five orphans finding their way from abandonment to rescue. A Divided Heart Between Desire and Commitment offers readers a story of love, a dose of hope, and how to gain faith in the midst of heartache. You will experience both laughter and tears in this story of romance, drama, and suspense.

“The struggle is real- Read this and feel for yourself the emotions of the characters. And the ending is… well all I’ll say is wow! ” ?

“Her story has drama, intrigue, romance, and humor, and Deborah Patrick hopes to share it with the world.”
Northwest Daily News