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A. Ireland King author of Death’s Door:The Whisperer Part One

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I woke up to discover my book was #1 in several categories. Thanks so much for helping me spread the word!


Rachel Tsoumbakos author of Vikings: The Truth about Lagertha and Ragnar

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Great results! My book went to #4 in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Suspense > Paranormal > Vampires
#9 in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Suspense > Paranormal > Werewolves & Shifters
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I’d say this worked well!


Carol McKibben author of Snow Blood Season 1

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I received more downloads than any promotion I ever did before. Thanks for the encouragement and support!


Ann Frailey author of Last of Her Kind

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ItsWriteNow did a beautiful job of posting my romance mystery, His Secret Son. Thank you!


Jacqueline Diamond author of His Secret Son

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Excellent work. 100% satisfied. This was a test of their service for me. For my next book scheduled to be released in a month, I will use their paid promotion.


michael herman author of Messenger’s Soliloquy

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Promotion page looks great, nicely formatted and very professional. Email notification of promotion with link greatly appreciated and very useful. Thank you – great job!


D.Z. Adams author of Sanctuary (Chronicles of the Imagination Book 2)

Free Promotion run on February 27, 2018


A great site to promote your book!


Andres Mann author of Tess: Clash of Civilizations

Free Promotion run on February 23, 2018


Worked a treat, a very worthwhile investment. Thanks for featuring my short story.


Sheila Patel author of The Magic Vodka Wardrobe

Free Promotion run on February 18, 2018


I got a very nice surprise email that my book had been chosen for a free feature. 🙂 Thank you!


JMR author of Arbo makes an unlikely friend

Free Promotion run on February 8, 2018


Great communication, easy to use and setup. Was able to use on short notice, multiple tweets on the twitter account with great engagement from the audience, especially for a Sunday. Will definitely do this again.


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Wonderful job featuring my ebook. More than 1500 people downloaded! I’ll definitely work with It’s Write Now again!


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I was in a scramble for a last minute free promotion. It’s Write Now came to the rescue! It was easy to set up and worked great. I’ll put this service on my go-to list for promotion from now on.


Pascale Kavanagh author of Sex, Money, and the Price of Truth

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I like the large image of the book cover and that the complete description was given.


Mary McPhee author of Absolution

Free Promotion run on January 7, 2018


To top of free e books in Military/War. Many thanks, Glen


Glen Erin Books author of The Sky Between Two Worlds–From Earth to the Stars

Free Promotion run on January 2, 2018


Thanks so much for helping us get the word out about my new novel! You’ve been a great help! We’ll use you again!–Author D.I. Telbat


D.I. Telbat author of FURY in the STORM: Where Christians Dare

Free Promotion run on January 1, 2018


This promo was a top-shelf experience and really boosted my book’s sales. The feature’s presentation was very appealing, the communication with Ellen and team both efficient and friendly — and the social-media support was outstanding. Some of the best tweets I’ve seen for the novel. A very positive experience. I highly recommend promoting with It’s Write Now.


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It’s Write Now’s promotion of Fairy Writing Prompts helped it rise to #1 Free in Kid’s Activity Books. Thanks!


WJ Scott author of Fairy Writing Prompts, 31 Creative Activities for Kids.

Free Promotion run on December 4, 2017


Very thankful that my book was included on this site. As most indie authors know, without a strong author platform, it is extremely difficult to get noticed among the crowd. Every little bit helps and I’m sure that It’s Write Now will help.


Daniel Thomas MacInnes author of Pop Life

Free Promotion run on December 6, 2017


It’s Write Now featured my book as a free non-guaranteed submission with a really nice full-page feature. Very happy with the service and follow-up and definitely will use it again!


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Thanks for a great promotion!


Stefanie Anson author of Bandylegs

Free Promotion run on November 21, 2017


I started righting the first book of the First Song Trilogy in the Autumn of 2010. Wrote it ever since then and with much struggle with my own writer’s block and two years of editing. I finally self-published the first of 7 books.

I am already half-way writing the 2nd book of the series and by next year it should be done.


Stephen Lucas Lacroix author of The Red Prince

Free Promotion run on November 13, 2017


Hello, Ellen.

I feel I must compliment you (and your little ‘elves’) on the smashing service you delivered for last week’s promotion of ‘Gothic Twilight’ – Excellent!!

I had no reservations regarding the quality of your service, as I used It’s Write Now previously when promoting ‘Splinters’; however, what really done it for me this time was the Author Interview!
“Wow!” is the first word that springs to mind. This production turned out far greater than I could’ve anticipated. To be honest, on viewing how the interview was to read before it went to print did not fill me with confidence. But, boy, was I in for a very pleasant surprise come promo-day? The interview reads superbly – sublime, in fact; it reads like it really happened: meaning that we were sitting in the same room, conducting this interview, face-to-face. A most enjoyable read, I must say. A very clever piece of work, which seems to flow seamlessly and authentically, carried along by a gentle humorous ease. I am impressed. I urge more authors to take the plunge, and try out the Interview – it’s fun!

Thank you very much for all you have done so far in aiding the promotion of my work.
I hope to be working with you again in the future.

Wishing you (and your little elves) all the very best, and continued success with It’s Write Now.
Oh, and thank you for making book promotion such fun!!

With kindest regards.

Johnny (J J Ginty).


J J Ginty author of Dark Poetry, Volume 2: Gothic Twilight

Guaranteed Promotion run on October 30, 2017


Its Write Now gave me a beautiful front-page display in full color of my free book Robot Ascension: The Rise of the Robots. Check it out at https://itswritenow.com


Glen Erin Books author of Robot Ascension

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Pooja Rani author of Sia and sam

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Really happy with my promotion through It’s Write Now. The presentation of my book on the site was great and I noticed a big spike in downloads.


Beverley Oakley author of Her Gilded Prison

Free Promotion run on October 18, 2017


It’s Write Now listed my book promotion straight away, and they even added it to a relevant reading list. They were very communicative and helpful. Thanks for the help getting the word out about Veggie Planet!


Wendy Werneth author of Veggie Planet: Uncover the Vegan Treasures Hiding in Your Favorite World Cuisines

Free Promotion run on October 15, 2017


Ellen and her team did a terrific job at promoting my book at the time of my free promotion. I totally recommend their services as they are one of the most kind and effective promotional services I’ve worked with – and I’ve worked with many.


Josslyn Scott author of The Energy Between Us

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As an independent author, I have tried many different free promotion sites. It’s Write Now was one of the few sites that gave me great results, even better than some of the sites with paid promotions. The promotion page was beautiful, and I can understand why so many people couldn’t help but click, then download my book. Thank you, It’s Write Now, you’ll be hearing from me again soon!


Matthew Parkins author of The Spider Survival Guide

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This was a great promo and I am very pleased with the results. Would recommend!


Baileigh Higgins author of Last Another Day

Guaranteed Promotion run on October 3, 2017


It’s Write Now did a wonderful job displaying my book. They gave me a link to my book feature which was unexpected, and I used it on my social media. Although I didn’t see noticeable sales on the promo day, I was grateful to have them list me and plan on using them again.


Anthony Mays author of Halfway to the Truth

Free Promotion run on September 21, 2017


Thanks very much for the handsome presentation of my Kindle giveaway! It’s too early to see how many downloads it will generate, but I do appreciate your listing my book.


Mike Markel author of Three-Ways

Free Promotion run on September 24, 2017


Thank you to itswritenow.com! They promoted my book in different locations on their site and did it DIRECTLY after submission. I will definitely recommend and be back to work together again. They are great. Thanks!



Ryan Armstrong author of Back To The Start

Free Promotion run on September 20, 2017


I want to thank It’s Write Now for promoting my book. My sales increased on the promo day, and I’m continuing to see additional sales. As every author knows, visibility is essential to sales. I appreciate the opportunity to gain greater visibility.


Autumn Chills author of Spooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories: Girl on the Train, Phantom in the Forest, & More Ghostly Encounters

Guaranteed Promotion run on September 17, 2017


Efficient, Concise, Visible, Dependable, Great Communication~~all received by It’s Write Now. Thank you for promoting our book~!


stephanie duprie routh author of Oh God! What Have We Done?

Free Promotion run on September 18, 2017


For some reason, sales had been slow with this book. The reviews are great, the feedback is fantastic but the sales slow. After your promo, my ranking shot up where I like to see it; into the top three ranking of my categories. Thank you, Ellen, for another wonderfully FUN and effective promo.


Mimi Emmanuel author of MImi’s Eulogy to-be

Guaranteed Promotion run on September 14, 2017


Thanks to your promotion on It’s Write Now for September 10, 2017. My novel, Qualities of Mercy, ranked #1 in two categories in the Kindle Free Store!! What a great help! Thanks and more thanks! Susan L. McLaren


Susan L. McLaren author of Qualities of Mercy: A World War II Suspense Novel Set in Nazi Germany

Free Promotion run on September 10, 2017


Super experience with my It’s Write Now book promotion. As an Indie author, I often struggle with promotion, but this site was easy to navigate and submit to, and their presentation of books is lovely. Will definitely use again 🙂


K. Kris Loomis author of After Namaste: Off-the-Mat Musings of a Modern Yogini

Free Promotion run on September 7, 2017


I was so impressed with the response time and speed of ITSWRITENOW for posting my free kindle promo! The site is user friendly and very well designed! Highly recommend!


Angela Page author of SUDDENLY SINGLE SYLVIA

Free Promotion run on September 2, 2017


My experience with It’s Write Now has been the most stressless, efficient, rewarding and then some that I have not had in a long time. Everything they set out to do was done timeously including communication.
They take a personal interest in me (the client) and made me feel important.
I will most definitely be back for further promotions in the near furture
God bless always
Aileen Friedman


Aileen Friedman author of Radar Love

Free Promotion run on August 24, 2017


Thank you so much for selecting Time for Honesty for your free feature. It helped me hit the top 100 free list. I really appreciate it.


Mette Barfelt author of Time for Honesty

Free Promotion run on July 9, 2017


I got the notice from It’s Write Now on Sunday morning, and by 5pm Lost was at #3 on the Amazon LGBT Fantasy Top 100 list! Fantastic!


Genta Sebastian author of Lost: A SpecFic Novella

Free Promotion run on August 6, 2017


You guys ROCK! Thanks so much.


Joni Green author of Murder at the Buy-Right (A Cozy Mystery)

Free Promotion run on August 5, 2017


My feature on It’s Write Now, in addition to other promotions, helped me to shoot my book up to #28 in the Free Store. Thanks for the help in reaching thousands of new readers!


Katherine Hayton author of Breathe and Release

Free Promotion run on August 4, 2017


Wow! Thanks so much for promoting my book. It made a huge difference. I had more downloads in a single day using your service than I did doing a 5 day promotion without your service. What a huge difference! Thanks so much!
Jay Zano


Jay Zano author of Z Towers: An Apocalyptic Plague: MADE IN the U.S.A.

Free Promotion run on July 29, 2017


It’s Write Now helped me promote Blood is Magic to a larger audience and reach new readers. Ellen was proactive about alerting me to the promotion and I love how the site adds the book to additional categories like HEA and Vampire Romance. Thank you!


Alix Adale author of Blood is Magic: A Vampire Romance

Free Promotion run on July 28, 2017


Thank you to Ellen for creating a beautiful page to promote The Immortal: Box Set on Amazon.
The promotion definitely gave me more downloads of my book and the page itself was professional and compelling.

Gratitude to you Ellen.

Caitlin Winter xo


Caitlin Winter author of The Immortal: Box Set

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Because of ItsWriteNow my debut novel cracked the top ten on Kindle books. It stayed at #8 and #9 in Crime for two days! You have been amazing in helping me launch this beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you. B.B. Cary “Sydney on Fire”


B. B. Cary author of Sydney on Fire

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I have promoted my book in few promotional sites and this site made me feel important and acknowledged as a new author because of interview they made and the style they promoted my book. Thank you for doing an excellent job. Definitely recommended. -Elsa Mendoza


Elsa Mendoza author of “YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS” Words to Encourage You and Awaken Your Consciousness

Guaranteed Promotion run on July 23, 2017


Very satisfied with such a wonderful service in promoting my eBook. Thank you so much. Debra.


Debra Rufini author of The Artist’s Page

Free Promotion run on July 21, 2017


Very Good Experience. I shall use It’s Write Now again soon. Thank You


R.W. Raymond author of Poison Fruit

Guaranteed Promotion run on July 25, 2017


I really appreciate your help with promoting my indie book. It’s definitely a challenge to get the word out for first time authors who are not with a publishing house or agent. My objective is to tell a good story but also let people know about what is happening to dogs and cats in animal shelters and how we can save more them and stop cruelty. Royalties go to Home for Life sanctuary for dogs and cats who are disabled or have such serious behavior problems that they really can’t be adopted. www.homeforlife.org My website discussing these animal issues is www.nokillstation.net Thank you again for your help!


Diane Meier author of No Kill Station: Murder at Rehoboth Beach

Free Promotion run on July 22, 2017


I saw a surge in downloads from a free promotion of my book ‘Alien Jailbreak’ on It’s Write Now. I also shared the feature on social media which yielding additional buzz and positive comments. I couldn’t be happier to have my book selected by this feature. The exposure exceeded my highest expectation. Many thanks for a promotion that actually works!


Dwain House author of Alien Jailbreak

Free Promotion run on July 16, 2017


Thank you itswritenow.com for your free promotion of my book “No steps on the snow”! You made a wonderful job, a very prompt, careful and professional highlighting of the book. I appreciated very much your work, that is leading to increasing downloads.
Daniela Alibrandi Author of “No Steps On The Snow”


Daniela Alibrandi author of No Steps On The Snow

Free Promotion run on July 11, 2017


Thank you so much for the interview regarding my vampire comedy “Full Moon.” It was a pleasure sharing the details of this book and what actually happens when I get serious beside my laughing pig (see interview!). ItsWriteNow.com is a boon to the eBook biz for peeling back these layers to personalize and share the writing experience. Kudos!


Dave Belisle author of Full Moon

Guaranteed Promotion run on July 8, 2017


Wow! BAD LIES showed up on ItsWriteNow.com front and center on July 10 just as I hoped. Thanks for highlighting my book for romantic suspense readers nationwide!


Rolynn Anderson author of BAD LIES

Free Promotion run on July 10, 2017


My book looks great in the ad! I will use a guaranteed listing next time in support. Thanks for choosing Kitty Born at Sea!


Donna Mae Smith author of Kitty Born at Sea: A Kitty Adventure

Free Promotion run on June 23, 2017


Shortly after submitting my request to promote my book, I received an email informing me I had been selected as a featured item. I know this resulted in extra downloads of my book. Thanks for a great experience.


Linda Shenton Matchett author of Love’s Harvest

Free Promotion run on June 15, 2017


Thank itswritenow.com!
I am a beginner in the promotion.
For me valuable your help!


Alex Zilberman author of Sell Your Experience. How to Make Videos. Only the Most Important

Free Promotion run on June 8, 2017


Thank you for your free promotion of my book. Your service exceeded my expectations and your layout is definitely a cut above the rest!


Nancy Richards author of Mother, I Don’t Forgive You

Free Promotion run on June 1, 2017


The service and communication was fantastic, but the extra marks for this promotion site must go for the work putting together Author interviews for the books as well. I was extremely impressed and so glad I made the choice to promote my book and my writing here and will again.


Simon Williams author of TORN: The Story of an Undeserving Wallaby Drowning in a Septic Tank

Guaranteed Promotion run on May 31, 2017


I appreciate the promotion for my book! It was very professional and significantly increase my downloads. Thank you, “Its Write Now.”


Beth Severan author of You Can Quit! “How I Did”

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Itswritenow has exceeded my expectations, a great job, very professional, creative and very consistent throughout the promotion. You really have perfected the formula of customer satisfaction – it looks like you have read my book!


Raúl Sánchez Gilo author of Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet

Guaranteed Promotion run on May 19, 2017


My book got more exposure and led to more sales of other books. Thanks so much!


Terry Atkinson author of Winds of Life

Free Promotion run on May 9, 2017


Ellen, You’re so kind to help with a great looking promotion page. It looks fabulous, not all cluttered up the way some other sites are. I’m very grateful to you. My best to you and yours, Todd Lincoln Richards


Todd Lincoln Richards author of Dirt

Free Promotion run on April 30, 2017


Your presentation of my book was perfect, so I will do a paid advertisement in the future. Thanks


Kathleen Babbitt author of America in the 21st Century

Free Promotion run on April 29, 2017


Excellent presentation! We look forward to seeing the results of this promotion. This is an important book for children and I am happy that It’s Write Now is helping me share it.


Sally Huss author of Staying Healthy And Happy

Free Promotion run on April 24, 2017


Thank you for promoting my FREE Vampire Blood on April 14, 2017! Your service is SO GREAT and so appreciated! Thank you, author Kathryn Meyer Griffith


Kathryn Meyer Griffith author of Vampire Blood

Free Promotion run on April 14, 2017


Timely and very good promotion for the book. Great size of cover image and complete synopsis. I am very grateful.


Patrick Norton author of Blood of Kings

Free Promotion run on April 4, 2017


went well. thanks, Got some extra downloads. Nice presentation and layout.


Stuart Larner author of The Car: a sonnet sequence with illustrations

Free Promotion run on April 1, 2017


What a thorough and professional promotion. Many thanks. R. French


Richard French author of Send Me

Free Promotion run on March 27, 2017


You people did a great job of promotion Murder in Palm Beach: The Homicide That Never Died! The interview comes off quite well. This is far more than I expected from your service. Thanks loads.
Bob Brink


Bob Brink author of Murder in Palm Beach: The Homicide That Never Died

Guaranteed Promotion run on March 25, 2017


I was thrilled by the unexpected spike in downloads Dangerous Gentlemen got on the day it was promoted by It’s Write Now. In one day it got more downloads than on any other promotion day. Thanks so much! I’ll definitely recommend. (Author Beverley Oakley)


Beverley Oakley author of Dangerous Gentlemen

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Thanks so much for promoting. I got more than 1200 free downloads.


Rachelle Ayala author of Chance for Love Boxed Set

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I saw an immediate spike in downloads of my second novel! Thanks!


Donald D. Allan author of Craobh

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It’s Write Now was a huge help in promoting my free ebook, I Close My Eyes, helping my giveaway to be a great success.


Regina Puckett author of I Close My Eyes

Free Promotion run on March 10, 2017


A long-time believer that free services are always substandard, ItsWriteNow does not conform to that pattern. My Cragly story was flat-lined in Amazon’s system but downloads instantly increased since ItsWriteNow began my promotion 3 days ago. Bravo!


Jason Breshears author of The Cragly of Cindereach

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The best promotional audience for Kindle authors. It’s Write Now is responsible for propelling ICE through 1,000 reviews, 1,500 reviews and 125,000+ Kindle sales, singlehandedly. DO NOT pass up It’s Write Now if you want to quit that soul-sucking day job and live the Ferrari lifestyle…. Kevin


Kevin Tinto author of ICE

Guaranteed Promotion run on February 25, 2017


I’d like to thank itswritenow.com for being awesome enough to help promote my book!

Just a few hours after my promotion, my book landed in the #20 spot for “Home Based Business”.

Later that evening, I was notified by Ellen that my book is now in the # 2 slot! This rocks! (Even better, was that my book was also # 6 in “Business & Money”, so I’m totally excited and the results were better than expected!


Thanks itswritenow.com, you rock!


Mike DeVincent


Mike DeVincent author of How To Become A Prolific And Productive Writer

Free Promotion run on February 19, 2017


This is one of the fairer sites in the business. It really does deliver a noticeable increase in downloads. Definitely a keeper!


Kevin Waldeman author of Shadows of Bible Prophecy

Free Promotion run on January 20, 2017


Thank you for expanding the reach of my promotion. I landed at #77 FREE (over the entire Kindle store) the morning of the promotion.


Rachelle Ayala author of Boxed Set: Intercepted by Love (The Complete Collection): Book One – Book Six

Free Promotion run on February 7, 2017


Itswritenow.com is AWESOME!! Thanks Fred


Fredrick Dale author of Laughing Through The Eyes of a Maintenance Man

Free Promotion run on February 4, 2017


Promotion on ‘It’s Write Now ‘ has helped my book reach #1 rankings on Amazon US, UK, Au and Ca


zach abrams author of Made a Killing

Free Promotion run on January 29, 2017


You have been a great service in the promotion of my ebook. Thank you very much.


An unknown author author of Demystify your life: for once and all

Free Promotion run on January 24, 2017


Thanks for much for selecting my book and posting it quickly!


Jennifer Griffin author of Understanding Your Child As A Spiritual Gift

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I can not say enough of how grand this service is. Far more beyond anything any other promotional service has to offer.

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Thanks for choosing my book for a free promotion


Sharon Mitchell author of Autism Talks and Talks

Free Promotion run on December 28, 2016


Thank you for choosing Christmas Best for promotion! I’ve used paid promotions on It’s Write Now before and I’ve always been pleased with the results.


Diana Kizlauskas author of Christmas Best

Free Promotion run on December 20, 2016


The product was fantastic and the customer service was even better! This was the first time I promoted one of my eBooks and my experience with It’s Write Now was truly excellent. I look forward to future business with It’s Write Now and highly recommend using them.


John M. Beaman author of Truth and the U.S. Constitution: Part I

Guaranteed Promotion run on December 20, 2016


Thank you so much to It’s Write Now! My free book rose to #30 in the Kindle Free store. The promotion really boosted it. At the same, the first book in the series rose to the top #880 in the Paid Kindle store, and #4 in its category. Way to go!


Jada Ryker author of Take a Walk on the Dead Side

Free Promotion run on December 18, 2016


Thank you for highlighting my free short story Christmas Magic 1959…I greatly appreciate it! Happy Holidays!


Kathryn Meyer Griffith author of Christmas Magic 1959

Free Promotion run on December 16, 2016


Thank you so much for choosing my book to promote. I appreciate the support very much 🙂


Mimi Barbour author of Together for Christmas

Free Promotion run on December 15, 2016


Amazing site and easy to approach professionals who significantly contributed for the success of my promotion.


Nayden Kostov author of Which Is NOT True? – The Quiz Book

Free Promotion run on December 14, 2016


You did a great job helping get Distant Front on the first page of Amazon’s bestseller list! Thanks! We’ll use you again.


D.I. Telbat author of Distant Front

Guaranteed Promotion run on November 25, 2016


Great promotional support. Really pleased with the author interview. I was well-aware of the presence of It’s Write Now throughout the promotional period – more so, I have to say, than other book promotion links I had signed up for. I would recommend other authors to try. Caring outfit; I will use again.


Francis O’Neill author of Steps to Health, Wealth & Inner Peace

Guaranteed Promotion run on December 6, 2016


Excellent results–over 30 sales from this promotion. And a pleasure to work with!


David S. Brody author of Oath of Nimrod

Guaranteed Promotion run on December 4, 2016


ItsWriteNow provides much-needed support for indie authors/publishers and gives the boost we needed for the first few days of launch. This is the second time I’ve used the site, and I am certainly going to use it again in the future. Thanks!


Murray Lunn author of Swipe This! How to Create a Killer Copywriting Arsenal Using the Competition

Free Promotion run on December 4, 2016


Thank you for featuring me. I received such a FANTASTIC response that I quickly booked three more promos to feature my other books also. THANK YOU!!!


Mimi Emmanuel author of Mimi’s Book Launch Plan: How to launch your ebook easy-peasy, with diary notes of 31-day count-down and to-do overview

Free Promotion run on November 29, 2016


I was amazed by the boost in sales that Itswritenow.com did for my promotion of Blood Remembered. I look forward to working with them again.


Douglas Pratt author of Blood Remembered

Free Promotion run on November 22, 2016


Thank you so much, Ellen! Yours is absolutely the best promotional service I’ve tried to date. You do a phenomenal job for a great price! I REALLY appreciate that you had the postings and tweets out there every day before 6 AM EST and took the time to send me an e-mail with all the links. “All in Vein” ranked consistently at #1 or #2 in all of its applicable Amazon categories for the entire three days that it was free.


Mary Kipps author of All in Vein

Guaranteed Promotion run on November 25, 2016


It’s Write Now was only one of twenty – 20! – sites that I submitted my free Kindle day to promote. They were the ONLY ones who came through.


Claire Gem author of Hearts Unloched

Free Promotion run on November 22, 2016


I’ve had writer friends recommend “stacking” ads around a BookBub to help drive rankings. Since my book wound up at #1 on the Amazon FREE list, I’d say they were right. It’s Write Now was one of my new advertisers and I’m very happy with it. I look forward to trying more of their services in the future.


Debra Salonen author of Montana Rogue

Free Promotion run on November 23, 2016


Where I struggled in the past to get even a single download during my Book’s free promotion days, your service has helped me get the necessary traction. It’s a great feeling to see the downloads. Thanks a lot!!


Guru author of My Bits Don’t Like Your Bytes

Free Promotion run on November 12, 2016


I am floored! On the day that It’s Write Now promoted my novel was free on Amazon, I had 249 downloads. Thank you for your help!!


Chris Davis author of Takers

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“It’s Write Now” is the best promotional service I’ve encountered so far – you guys do an EXCELLENT job, seriously, I’ve never seen anything like this before!!! My book got to 2000 likes in only ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!! I mean WOW!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!


Lily Fitt author of Mediterranean Diet: A Simple Cookbook & Guide For Busy People To Rapid Weight Loss & Healthy Eating Mastery

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Wow…This service is amazing…it really helped boost my book promotion’s performance. Thank you for the help!!!


Rachel Goldstein author of How to Draw Kawaii Cute Animals and Characters

Free Promotion run on October 12, 2016


Ellen, You are masterful at turning answers to canned questions into a skillfully written, conversational interview. What you created for me was brilliant, and I just wanted to let you know.


Amy Colvin author of Cultivating Compassion: Simple Everyday Practices for Discovering Peace of Mind and Resilience

Guaranteed Promotion run on September 16, 2016


We made it to #1 Bestselling Free book in the Women & Business category!

I never really expected it to work, but I wanted to just try and see what happened. All of a sudden we jumped to #6 on the list, and as I kept talking to friends and family we moved to #5, then #4 and before the end of the day we were #1

What is so funny is that I have a similar book in the same genre that’s not doing too well, but I’m now excited to share here.

Thank you so much

And yes, the process was easy and seamless.


Osayi Emokpae Lasisi author of Billionaire Mindset (for MoneyMaking Mommies): How to make your Billions and build your legacy

Free Promotion run on September 9, 2016


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